Saturday , 30 May 2020

Automobile Engineering

About Department of Automobile Engineering:

The Automobile Engineering provides in-depth knowledge of vehicle engineering, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronics, software, and safety engineering it is applied to the design, manufacture, and operation of motorcycle, cars, buses and trucks and their respective engineering subsystem. At Atmiya Diploma Automobile Department was established in 2012 with the intake of 60 students which has grown to the intake of 120 students in 2014.

The Department offers a 6-semester Diploma program in Automobile Engineering with industrial training in Vth semester for those who have passed the 10thexaminations. The total intake is 60 per year. It is a Credit-Based Curriculum with a proper blend of laboratory classes. Each theory subject carries 3 to 6 Credits, Practical Subjects in addition to Basic Engineering, Basic Sciences and Management Subjects

Infrastructure Facilities:

  • ICT based Class Rooms
  • Workshop
  • Laboratory with Classroom
  • Automobile Electrical System Lab
  • Automobile Engine Lab
  • Automobile Pollution Control Lab and Fuel & Lubricants Lab
  • Automobile Transmission Lab

Students have to carry out a major project in the final semester to complete the courses

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