The Automobile Engineering provides in-depth knowledge of vehicle engineering, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronics, software, and safety engineering it is applied to the design, manufacture, and operation of motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, etc. and their respective engineering subsystem. At Atmiya, Automobile Department was established in 2012 with an intake of 60 students. The Institute is approved by AICTE, New Delhi and affiliated to Gujarat Technological University (GTU), Ahmedabad.

Globally demand for automobile engineers, the department has the vision to enrich the knowledge of students and update the latest technology of automobile engineering. The Department offers a 6-semester Diploma program with Industrial training in the 5th semester. It is a Credit-Based Curriculum with a proper blend of laboratory classes. Each subject carries 3 to 6 Credits, Practical Subjects in addition to Basic Engineering, Basic Sciences and Management Subjects. The Department of Automobile Engineering has got well-equipped laboratories such as Engine Testing & Pollution Measurement Laboratory, Automobile Engine Laboratory, Automobile Transmission Laboratory, Automobile Electrical Laboratory & Vehicle Body Engineering Laboratory.

The department maintains a liaison with Industries. With the opening up of manufacturing plants by global players in various parts of the Gujarat Region and country, the increase in demand for automotive experts in the domestic and international markets, students of automobile engineering have a bright future ahead.


To be number one in Automobile engineering such that the students are the best in the world and contribute to the entrepreneurial activities which will be a game-changer in the Automotive Industry.


To generate professionals who pitch insignificantly to the Maintenance, Service, and Research & Development in the automotive industry along with their remarkable contributions in developing the society through perpetual education – training methodology of the faculty.


Value Education in Academic Curriculum, We all have the same intention which is of universal harmony but what is lacking is the competence and right understanding. Explain the correct order of priority among the right understanding, relationship and physical facilities and state the role of education is to facilitate this understanding and transformation.

Mr. Mihir D. Gajjar
B. E. (Automobile)
Experience: 6 Years

Dear Learners & Engineering aspirants, !

The Automobile department nurtures the students to enter the rapidly fast-changing Automotive world yet maintaining the human values in them.

As most of the students come from a diversified social environment it becomes necessary for the department that students would feel comfortable & mentored by the staff with whom they can share their thoughts, expectations and express themselves.

The automobile department has state of the art Laboratories which reduces the gap between theory and actual practice. Technical supporting staff is highly experienced and helpful to develop professional ethics.

Automobile department students are very fortunate that they have “Industrial Training”, a chance to observe and work with industry as part of their curriculum for one full semester. The Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities broaden student’s horizons and avert them from being monotonous with academics.

This website provides an overview, For more information, we invite you to visit the campus.

Thank you.

Industrial Visit



Engineer’s Day Celebration



Seminar On Misson Zero Waste



Soft Skill Training – Body Language



ARAI – Workshop On Automotive Hybrid Vehicle



ARAI – Workshop On Automotive Styling Workshop



ARAI – Workshop On Electric Vehicles Development



Project Exhibition



Students Short Term Training at Gokul Ford, Jamnagar



Training – Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt



Workshop On Vehicle Air Conditioning



Sports Activity



Seminar On Mathematics For Life






Expert Talk – How To Be a Successful Engineer



IOCL Elocution Competition



MOU with ATUL Motors


Automobile Electrical System Lab


Automobile Engine Lab


Fuels & Lubricants Lab


Vehicle Air Conditioning Lab


Vehicle Body Engineering Lab


Automobile Transmission System Lab

Mihir D. Gajjar
B.E – Automobile
8 Year
Paresh M. Sangadiya
M.E – IC Automobile
10 Year
Sagar M. Bechara
M.E – Production
6 Year
Pritesh K. Joshi
B.E – Automobile
6 Year
Jagdish K Maru
Lab Assistant
Diploma – Automobile
7 Year