Electrical engineering is a mother branch or core branch having various subsidiaries like Control engineering, Electronics engineering, Automation Engineering and many more. Electrical engineering surrounds us everywhere in modern society. The electrical engineer supplies us with the ability to harness electricity which has transformed our lives. It gives us light, heat, entertainment, communication systems and comfort. The program provides the necessary competencies to enable students to develop, select, commission, maintain and diagnose faults/malfunctions on advanced electrical equipment and systems. The electrical engineering training provided includes national Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) requirements for an electrician’s license. Successful completion of electrical engineering courses will open you up to jobs such as an electrical engineering. Electrical engineers create and design products and information systems using scientific principles combined with natural curiosity, problem-solving and innovation. It covers a wide range of careers including energy and power development and supply, automation and communications engineering, microelectronics and technical informatics.

  • To become a facilitator of electrical engineering and value education by providing knowledge which is useful for the student itself and society too.
  • To make contributors of circuit and machine designing for the multinational companies and to make aware of latest technologies.
  • To be a premier department known for its quality education and aspire as a careeristic and sensible Electrical Engineer in every aspect of life.
  • By introducing a universal human values concept. To prepare a learner forever & contribute towards Humanity.
  • To prepare a cadre of engineers and scientists to cater to the industrial development and economic growth of the country. To implement innovative teaching and learning process.
  • To provide the best possible education facilities and to guide the students to become performing professionals in the industrial sector.

As Knowledge servers as a keystone to contribute the society and overall development, we commit core values:

  • Ethics and dignity
  • Contributor personality
  • Public engagement
  • Excellence and Intelligence
  • Lifelong learning
  • Technological advancement

Mr. Mahesh L. Dhola
M. E. (Power Electronics & Electrical Drives)
Experience: 11 Years

It’s a great honor for me to lead the department of diploma in electrical engineering. The main focus of our department is to facilitate students with technology as well as value education of life also we works with following objectives:

  • To make students aware about latest electrical technology
  • More focus towards practical knowledge as electrical branch deals with machines and it’s important to know its operation.
  • To also prepare students for various competitive exams and knowledge oriented to that.
  • To provide value education along with the subjective studies.
Sr. No. Semester Subject Code Subject Name
1 1 3300001 Basic Mathematics
2 3300002 English
3 3300003 Environment Conservation & Hazard Management
4 3300006 Engineering Chemistry ( Group-2 )
5 3300013 Basic Of Computer & Information Technology
6 3300015 Fundamental Of Mechanical Engineering
7 2 3990001 Contributor Personality Developmenet
8 3320002 Advanced Mathematics (Group-1)
9 3300005 Basic Physics ( Group-2 )
10 3320004 Basic Of Civil Engineering
11 3300007 Basic Engineering Drawing
3320902 Electrical Engineering Workshop
12 3320903 D.C.Circuits 
13 3 3330901 A.C. Circuits
14 3330902 D C Machines And Transformer
15 3330903 Electrical Instrumention
16 3330904 Electrical Power Generation
17 3330905 Electronics Components And Circuits
18 4 3340901 Polyphase Transformers And Rotating Ac Machines
19 3340902 Transmission And Distribution Of Electrical Power
20 3340903 Utilization Of Electrical Energy
21 3340904 Digital Electronics And Digital Instruments
22 3340905 Computer Aided Electrical Drawing And Simulation
24 5 3350901 Wiring Estimating, Costing & Contracting 3
25 3350902 Energy Conservation & Audit
26 3350903 Power Electronics
27 Elective-I (Any One)
28 3350908 Project-I
29 6 3360901 Switchgear & Protection
30 3360902 Installation, Commissioning And Maintenance
31 Elective-II
32 Elective-III
33 3360909 Project-II
Elective – I
3350905 Wind And Solar Energy Systems
Industrial Machines and Drives 
3350906 Special Electrical Machines
Commercial Electrification and Traction
3350907 Electric Traction And Control
Elective – II, Elective – III
3360903 Power System Operation And Control
3360904 Substation Enginnering And Power Quality
Industrial Machines and Drives 
3360905 Design Parameters Of Electrical Equipement And Machines
3360906 Electrical Drives
Commercial Electrification and Traction
3360907 Maintenance Of Transformer And Circuit Breaker
3360908 Electrification Of Building Complexes

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Mr. Mahesh L. Dhola
11 Year
Mr. Nikunj D.Shyara
5 Year
Mr. Kishan M. Bhatti
3 Year
Mr. Ajay M. Gamit
Lab Asst.
12 Year