Department of Humanities & Sciences, one of the departments of Diploma Engineering, which has immensely contributed to the glory and development of Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science for Diploma Studies.

The department consists of 6 faculties covering the general subjects which serve as the foundation of engineers to perform better in the future. The subjects include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, and CPD(i.e. Contributor’s Personality Development).

Mathematics is most important subject for engineering and technology. The knowledge of Mathematics prepares a strong foundation for other subject of engineering irrespective of particular branch or discipline. Covering the major areas in demand today, this course is of utmost value to the aspiring engineers. The course provides students with comprehensive theoretical knowledge also practical training in computer science. The curriculum is designed to provide students with in depth theoretical.

The enthusiastic faculties have developed the laboratories for Physics and Chemistry subjects where students are provided with the practices of experiments which they study in the theory classes.

As Physics is the mother of all engineering disciplines, students must have some basic knowledge of Physics to understand their core subjects more comfortably. Studying physics strengthens quantitative reasoning and problem solving skills that are valuable in areas beyond physics.

The enthusiastic faculties have developed the laboratories for Physics and Chemistry subjects where students are provided with the practices of experiments which they study in the theory classes.

Chemistry forms the part of applied science. The study of basic concepts of chemistry like chemical bonding, corrosion, water treatment, and different engineering materials like polymers, paints, lubricants, cement, Refractoriness etc. will help the students understanding engineering subjects where the emphasis is laid on the application of these concepts.

Moreover, the English faculties here endow the students with communicative skills, soft skills, and presentation skills in English lecture which helps them to enhance their knowledge of their branch, likewise the management and the college also reflect their concern for the development of the students which turned up in the shaping of Language Lab for Diploma students. Here the students practically learn to improve their communicative, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Furthermore, students are taken into the world of ethics through the subject like CPD, in which they are introduced to concepts like ‘how to work effectively in a workplace’, ‘how to contribute in a workplace by being ethical and demonstrate human concern’. Practically students are taught to participate in a Group Discussion and give a good presentation, how to build a good Resume for acquiring a better job, and in the end, how should a candidate perform well during an interview.


The Department of Humanities & Sciences, also known as the General Department strives to craft outstanding professionals. We are looking to develop soft skills and 21st-century skills among the students to lead the life of social cohesion and harmony.


We promote all-round excellence by fostering creative expression and critical thinking to train students in communicative English, mathematical ability, and fundamentals by adopting advanced teaching-learning methods to make the students professionally competent.


Science is the basis for all the other branches of Engineering Discipline. The department aims at providing competitive quality education and we support the students to lay a basic profound foundation in all the branches of Engineering.
The motto of the department is to provide high-quality education to students with the assistance of well-qualified, dedicated, and highly motivated faculty members. Our faculty’s research expertise includes all frontier areas in Mathematics. Physics, Chemistry, and English. We impart the best teaching methodologies which prepare competent professionals able to independently apply knowledge to become a successful engineer.

Mr. Anil D. Parmar
M.Sc(Mathematics), M.Phil(Mathematics), Ph.D(Pursuing)
Experience: 6 Years

Dear Learners & Engineering aspirants, !

It gives me immense pleasure to present brief report of Department of Humanities and Sciences(H. & S.). Since, the Humanities and Sciences subjects are the foundation subjects for all the branches of engineering and technology, Department of Humanities and Sciences imparts to build a firm base as part of the Engineering Education. The H. & S. department plays a vital role in teaching basic sciences courses as prescribed by the curriculum of the Gujarat TechnologycalUniversity(GTU). The Department enhances knowledge in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, and CPD(i.e. Contributor’s Personality Development) etc.

Well educated, talented and dedicated Faculty and Staff Members are the backbone of this department. In addition to the primary teaching duties, all of them have their publications in National as well as International Journals of repute for attaining perfection in their profession.

The teaching module comprises of lectures, tutorials and practicals along with various other initiatives. Faculty members perform the role of a perfect facilitator as Mentor to each section. The methodology adopted in the classroom teaching is based on the application of innovation strategies, comprehensive lectures, regular assignments and active interaction between teachers and students.

The purpose of inducing the subjects of Humanities and Sciences in Engineering study is to lay a solid foundation of basic concepts for innovative future with limitless opportunities. Therefore, the department acts as an active catalyst to develop perfect approach to unlock their hidden talent, personality and communication skills to fulfill the needs of young engineers.

Thank you.

Group discussion:“Ideas Matters”



Guest Lecture on “Applications of Mathematics in Engneering”



Guest Lecture on “The Role Mathematics in Engineering”


Chemistry Lab


Language Lab

(Dr)Anil Parmar
I/C Head
M. Sc. (Mathematics)
M. Phil (Mathematics)
Ph. D. (Pursuing)
6 Year
(Dr.)Dhaval Purohit
M. A. (English)
Ph. D. (Pursuing)
8 Year
Ms.Komal Mangtani
M. Sc. (Chemistry)
5 Year
Ms.Urvashi Ladani
M. Sc. (Mathematics)
M. Phil. (Mathematics)
5 Year
Ms. Pooja Ramaiya
M. Sc.(Physics)
3 Year