P.P. Tyagvallabh Swamiji

President/Chancellor –
Atmiya University,

“GURU” is a teacher who steers “SHISHYA’s” life; He is a spiritual mentor who leads the Shishya (learner) from darkness and ignorance to wisdom, bliss, and enlightenment. Guru-Shishya parampara has been an inevitable component of education since ages. It has amalgamated the convention of a living and learning correlation, involving Guru and Shishya, and has been signifying the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bond between them. We strongly believe in GURU SHISHYA PARAMPARA since it has nurtured a dream of molding the future citizens of our motherland by equipping them with the latest and the best knowledge in the ambiance of a GURUKUL. This is the sole endeavor of setting up YOGIDHAM GURUKUL which is analogous to “ASHRAM”. Here immense care is taken to ensure the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development of students in tune with revered GURU and SAINT.

‘Journey of thousand miles begins with a firm step’. This proverb should be expanded by adding three words, ‘in the right direction’! Under the auspices of H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj – Imbibing the essence of Atmiyata – a feeling of relationship and responsibility for humanity and nature at large is the essence in the motto – “सुहृदं सर्वभूतानाम” of the newly formed Atmiya University. As it is this very understanding of relatedness with everyone and everything that surrounds you, makes you a “Responsible” human being and “Ethical” in your way of living.

Education is a medium and channel through which we can inculcate through creating the ecosystem in the form of “Sanskar” and facilitating the understanding about the clarity of purpose of life, the aspirations of human being, values for sustained relationships with mutual happiness as a goal, skills to produce basic needs for humans leading to prosperity and mutual enrichment with nature – eventually living in harmony and working with ethics with both humans and nature at large. That makes it ‘Universal’ in true sense!

It will definitely be instrumental in blossoming enlighten souls and visionary leaders for the creation of harmonious humane society!