Department of Diploma Computer Engineering welcomes young candidates to shape their future with bright career and real happiness of life. Now days, Computer is an integral part of modern life style and there is no official job that can be executed without computer. In each and every area of business or academics, computer is the first requirement. But for manufacturing and maintenance of these large number of computer systems we need expert technicians who have proper practical knowledge about the topic. So there comes the need of diploma holders in computerengineering. They are the main workforce who helps in the maintenance and production of the computer technology of the nation.

Diploma computer is the starting point for learning the basic knowledge of computer. It covers all the fundamental subjects related with web application development, desktop application development, mobile application development, hardware, networking etc. It focuses more on practical part of subjects which is most important for finding best carrier either in fields or academics.

Computer engineering department was established in the year 2005 to provide quality education to the students in the area of Computer. Current intake of the department is 120. The department has excellent laboratory facilities and well qualified and experienced staff in all the interdisciplinary areas of computer engineering. It gives academic freedom to faculties for implementing innovative ideas in teaching learning methodologies and Research for student perspective. It conducts various co-curricular activities like Seminar, Expert Talk, Workshop, Group Discussion, Quiz, Industry Visit etc and extra-curricular activities like Soft-Skill Development Activities, Cultural Program, Sport’s Day, Yoga Day Celebration, Teacher’s Day Celebration, Celebration of Festivals, and Activities of Community Services. Department does regular quality assessment through Weekly test, Assignments, Mid-Semester exams and Pre-university exams.


To be an acknowledged leader by inculcating quality technical education and human values by facilitating the extensive research environment, furnishing students with cutting-edge expertise in the field of computer science and academia accompanied with moral and ethical values.

  • To build, share, and put on expertise in computer engineering including multidisciplinary areas that spread out the scope of Computer Engineering to benefit humanity and to face challenges of rapidly growing market.
  • To train students to be prosperous, ethical, effective problem-solvers and life-long learners to contribute confidently in the economic and social growth of society.
  • To build confidence ofself-sustainability and overall development through research and development activities.
  • To provide education of life science by demonstrating human values and ethics through anhonest and scientific approach

Moral Values are the worthy principles that give ability to distinguish the right from the wrong and identify the truth in real sense. These virtues are considered worthy in total personality development of an individual. Students should be inculcated with moral values like honesty, integrity, truthfulness, compassion, helpfulness, love, respectfulness, hard-work, etc which can’t be taught by teachers but can be demonstrated only. The future of our country depends upon the moral values imparted to students during their student life.

Ms. Bhumika S. Zalavadia
M.Tech. (IT)
Experience: 18 Years

Learning is a continuous process and does not end with any qualification or designation because rapid growth in the field of technology and science shorten the usable period of any technology today. If fundamental knowledge of any technology of a person is clear and in-depth then to adapt the rapid growth in technology becomes relatively easy and comfortable. With the above fact in consideration, we mainly focus to produce engineers with strong foundation and courage to adapt rapid changes in the area of compute engineering.

Our Department has produced hundreds of competent professionals who made their bright career as Hardware Engineer, Network Engineer, System Analysts, Web Developer, Software Tester, Business System Analyst, Database Administrator, Project Manager, Desktop and Mobile Applications Developer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Information Technology Auditor etc. In the today’s highly competitive industrial environment, our alumni students are working in different areas like Computer Hardware Industry, Computer Service Industry, Web Designing and Publishing, Electronics and Communication Industries, Networking and Maintenance Industries, Consultancy Services, Software Development Industries etc.

As our success is directly proportional to the success and happiness of our students, I heartily attribute this success to the great teamwork of dedicated and qualified faculties who work hard not only as teachers but also as parents and own the students in totality. We strongly encourage innovation in teaching-learning process by arranging Seminar, Expert Talk, Workshop, Group Discussion, Quiz, Industry Visit, Project Presentation and Fair etc. We try to build total personality of our students by arranging extra-curricular activities like Soft-Skill Development Programs, Cultural Events, Sport’s Day, Yoga Day Celebration, Teacher’s Day Celebration, Celebration of Festivals, Independence Day and Republic Day Celebration, Activities of Community Services etc. There is a tremendous support from management representatives to fulfill the needs of students in terms of infrastructure and morality.

Knowledge is useless if it can’t make human life comfortable and happy. With this strong belief, we inculcate human values like honesty, integrity, truthfulness, compassion, helpfulness, love, respectfulness and hard-work in our students so that they can serve their family, society and entire nation with great courage.

Seminar on Earn While You Learn


Seminar on Emerging Trends in IT


Seminar on Unity


Industry Visit at BISAG


Teacher’s Day Celebration


Slum Area Visit


Drawing Competition


Essay Competition


Expert Lecture on Network Security


Expert Lecture on Multimedia & Animation Industry Awareness


Tech Idea Competition


Expert Lecture on Bootstrap


Industry Visit at Balaji Wafers, Rajkot


Industry Visit at BISAG, Gandhinagar


Industry Visit at MY FM,Rajkot


Expert Lecture Hardware and Networking


Expert Lecture on Drive into Object Orientation


Project Competition


Expert Lecture on Android


Quiz Competition

Basic Computer Programming Lab


Database Management Lab


Mobile Computing Lab

Java Lab


Computer Maintenance Lab

Bhumika S Zalavadia
M. Tech. (IT)
18 Year
Mukesh M. Patel
M. E. (CE)
17 Year
Nirali B Gondalia
M.Tech. (Software Systems)
15 Year
Vishal P Gohil
M.Tech. (CSE)
12 Year
Janak H Maru
M. E. (CE)
5 Year
Dhavalchandra K Pandya
M. E. (CE)
4 Year
Milan N Gohel
M. E. (CE)
1 Year
Radhika A. Wala
M. E. (CE)
1 Year
Aditi R. Roal
M. E. (CE)
1 Year
Rohit P. Chavd
B. E. (CE)
8 Year
Krishna M. Satani
B. E. (CE)
6 Months