The Online public access catalogue (OPAC) is made available on the entire campus Network. We are also in the process of value adding of the records to be made available on the Internet.


Electronic Resource Management package for e-journals

We are in the process of evaluating the available ERM in the Indian market with good after sales services once we get a good package we will purchase the same.


Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple databases 

We have tried using Fedgate a product of Infromatics in the Year 2014 but discontinued in 2015 as it was not able to search many subscribed eresources.

We have been using J-gate -JET & JSMS for searching of E-journals.


Library Website 

The Library has its own website which provides updates on the collection, services, events, activities and also helps users with linking up with other online services at the Library such as Institutional Repository (using DSpace), The e-magazine repository (using Greenstone); the Library also provides user guides for using e-resources; the study guides for students and research guide for researchers. The Library has also got a YouTube channel for streaming of videos of Saturday Book Talks and also a facebook page to update about events.


In-house/remote access to e-publications 

 The e-resources that are subscribed by the Institute are made available on the IP address and under NLIST Programme since the users are provided with Individual username password thus remote access is possible to those e-resources. We are working on remote access facilities after we have our strategies to deal with the security issues and violation of copyright act.


Library automation 

 Library is automated using the software NewGenLib which follows international standards such as MARC 21 & ISO 2709 for data importing & Exporting. So far we have completed the Cataloguing of all books & multimedia, Circulation, Web OPAC & Report Generation (Circulation, Bibliographic) and we are in the process of completing Acquisition & Serial Management using this software.


ILL (Inter Library Loan Service)

This service is made available through the DELNET subscription.


INFLIBNET/IUC facilities 

Access to E-resources through NLIST programme

  • Total number of computers for public access: 30
  • Total numbers of printers for public access: 02
  • Internet band width/ speed – 45 Mbps
  • Institutional Repository – The Library has created the Institutional repository using DSpace (Open Source S/w by MIT & Hp Labs) and at present we have added to it Faculty Publications, Student Publications (Project Report & Dissertations)
  • Content management system for e-learningThe institute is planning to use Moodle for the same.
  • Participation in Resource sharing networks/consortia (like Inflibnet) – DELNET, INFLIBNET, (NLIST Programme has been provided to us under this consortia), Library is also a member of IIT Gandhinagar Library.


Co-curricular/Extension activities by library

  • Saturday Book Talk
  • Books Sale
  • Book Exhibition (Read A BOOK Today Events)
  • Shows on current events or topics (e.g. Big Bang Theory)
  • Video/ Movie shows
  • Friends of Library (FOL)


IT support

Students are provided personal IDs and separate storage space on institute servers.