SwamiShree Tyagvallabhdasji Message

Dear Students and Parents,

Sarvodaya Kelavani Samaj has started functioning in Rajkot from 1988. An economically disadvantaged position and lack of adequate facilities for higher education in Saurashtra and Kachch persuaded H. D. H. Hariprasad Swamiji, to choose Rajkot, situated in the heart of Saurashtra and Kachch for conducting His philanthropic activities. We have been imparting first-rate education in almost all major faculties in Social Sciences, Humanities, Commerce, Sciences,Pharmacy, Engineering and Technology.

These 17 years from 1988 onward have been a period of development in SKS. We have invested millions of rupees in creating and strengthening infrastructural facilities in our schools, colleges & institutes. Yogidham, our campus, located on 23 acres of land, provides educational facilities from KG to PG, and we endeavor to synthesize spiritual, scientific, and technological achievements of the East and West so as to bring about harmonious and integrated development of young minds.

We provide the courses of engineering at BE & Diploma level. The same institute also offers Post Graduation course in Computer Application (MCA) & Business Administration(MBA). We also offer degree course in Pharmacy and propose to add Diploma course in the same. Our science colleges impart education leading to BSc degree in all disciplines. Over and above these, we conduct MSc courses in Biotechnology. Our research centres of international statute add flair to our academic itinerary. Last but not the least our schools prepare excellent foundation to mould the infant in to multitalented youth. We have plans to augment our educational programmes by introducing courses in Management, Nursing, Ayurveda, Dentistry, and Medicine so as to cater to the societal needs.

Hope this will confer you a flavor of what opportunities exist for you at our campus

ON MQ/NRI SEATS (2019-2020)