Thermal Lab Workshop

It is one of the main lab of department having number of working models to provide practical knowledge and solve the doubt about the subject. Air compressor test rig ,Refrigerator tutor ,various models of boilers, mounting and accessociers etc. give in depth knowledge of subject. It cost around 1.5 lacs.

Theory of Machine Lab

Designing and Knowledge about various part of the machine is must in cleaning doubt about working of various machines. Costing of lab is around 2.8 lacs. This lab has almost all the model necessary for understanding the subject like universal vibrator appratus, mass balancing machine , and model of I.C engine,clutch,cam,gear drive etc.

Fluid Machine and Hydraulic Lab

It cost around 2.2 lacs. Lab having almost all major equipment needed to clear doubt about basic principle of Fluid Lab. Some of the major equipment are reynold’s appratus,venturi meter and various types of turbine.

Engineering Drawing Lab

Costing around 56 thousand , This lab has around 200 drawing tables , various cut section of the model which give the live understaning of the engineering drawing problem.


Computer aided desing and Computer Aided Manufacturing Lab is equipped with major software like AutoCAD and Pro enginnering which are given to the student for thier benefits and solving out a real design problem. As well as lab is equipped with a 60 computer. It consist of software Proengineering is around the 7.3lacs.


Our Work shop is fully equipped with a major machine like Lathe machine,Shaper machine , Drilling Machine , Welding Machine, Casting equipment etc. Various Jobs are prepared by student which are used day to day life. Knowldege of Fitting , Carpentory as well as machining work is given to th student.