Thursday , 15 November 2018

Program Specific Outcomes

Students would be able to demonstrate skills on the type of automobile on which they are trained; some more skills may be acquired by student depending upon the opportunities they get and their area of interest.

  1. Identify different faults/problems (mechanical/electrical) and Rectify the fault/solve problem suitably in automobiles.
  2. Dismantle and assemble different auto assemblies and sub-assemblies.
  3. Assess industrial/workshop/automobile/assembly problems and find/suggest possible solutions.
  4. Tune Engine.
  5. Change and Service Automotive components.
  6. Test and Calibrate the Vehicle and its sub-systems.
  7. General Service of Automobile Vehicle.
  8. Analyze exhaust of the automobile and tune the automobile to achieve the environmental standards.
  9. Check and set hydraulic systems of automobile.
  10. Diagnose the Vehicle using Modern tools and equipment.
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