Tuesday , 25 February 2020

Program Specific Outcomes

Students would be able to demonstrate skills on the type of automobile on which they are trained; some more skills may be acquired by student depending upon the opportunities they get and their area of interest.

  • Prepare simple jobs in fitting, carpentry, pipefitting and metal joining shop while following safe working and good housekeeping practices.
  • Selection of engineering materials based on properties, behavior and environmental effect for given engineering application.
  • Use relevant software for drafting and editing 2D& 3D entities.
  • Install And Test Automobile Power Transmission, Brakes, Steering And Suspension System During Manufacturing.
  • Maintain Petrol And Diesel Automotive Engines.
  • Install, Inspect And Maintain Auto Electrical Systems.
  • Selection of proper fuel and lubricant depending upon the application for better performance and maintenance of automobiles.
  • Design various automobile components including a selection of proper material for them.
  • Vehicle Body Manufacturing and Repair Work.
  • Improve efficiency, security, safety & performance of automobile using electronics and technology.
  • Plan, operate and maintain auto garage activities.
  • Manufacturing Processes Required For Manufacturing And Repairs of Systems / Components of Automobiles.
  • Work in workshop/garage (Industrial Training) to identify the fault, repair the fault, test the components and reassemble the automobiles.
  • The Remedyof Engine Troubles, Automobile Transmission Systems, Automotive Electrical System Parts And Subassemblies Based on Diagnosis And Testing Using Suitable Instruments And Tools.
  • Troubleshoot Using Standard Procedures For Maintaining Vehicle Air Conditioning And Heating Systems.
  • Apply Knowledge of Motor Vehicle Acts, Insurance Policy And Procedure For Claims To Be Settled Against Accidents.
  • Present Scientifically Prepared Project-Models/Charts On Some Emerging Technology Related To Automobiles.
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