General Department

General Department, one the departments of Diploma Engineering, which has immensely contributed to the glory and development of Atmiya Institute of technology and Science.

The department consist of 6 faculties covering the general subjects which serve as the foundation of engineers to perform better in the future. The subjects include Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and CPD i.e. Contributor’s Personality Development. The enthusiastic faculties have developed the laboratories for Physics and Chemistry subjects where students are provided with the practices of experiments which they study in the theory classes. Moreover the English faculties here endow the students with communicative skills, soft skills and presentation skills in English lecture which helps them to enhance their knowledge of their own branch, likewise the management and the college also reflect their concern for the development of the students which turned up in the shaping of Language Lab for Diploma students. Here the students practically learn to improve their communicative, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Furthermore students are taken into the world of ethics through the subject like CPD, in which they are introduced to concepts like ‘how to work effectively in a workplace’, ‘how to contribute in a workplace by being ethical and demonstrate human concern’. Practically students are taught to participate in a Group Discussion and give a good presentation, how to build a good Resume for acquiring better job and at the end how should a candidate perform well during an interview.