Thursday , 15 November 2018

Career Opportunities

Civil Engineering is generally one of the last few branches  for which the option is given by students. This is not so now but was so forty years ago as well. Looking back the career of those who have chosen Civil Engineering, you will observe that it is not only par with top ranking branches but even better in some cases. Therefore, you should choose Civil Engineering without any apprehension of poor job opportunity, particularly when you are looking for a job in Govt. like Railways, CPWD, and Military Engineering Services etc.

  • Civil Engineering is the easiest of all branches of engineering. It is easier to understand the concept because you can see it whereas; in other branches you have to visualize the concept. If you are good in mathematics and mechanics, understanding basics of civil engineering will further be easier.
  • When you are actually entitled of getting electronics or electrical and then chooses civil, means you will certainly do better as compared to others. This will give better opportunity for qualifying ESE
  • There is large number of PSUs such as IRCON, RITES, NBCC, and RVNL. DFC where ESE officers finds lateral entry.
  • There are large numbers of infrastructure projects such as highways, metro, ports, smart cities that will always be coming up in India in next 25 years requiring civil engineers even at top positions. Therefore Civil Engineers will always be in demand in private job also.
  • Even after superannuation, job opportunities are galore.
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