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This Lab is equipped with all types of AC and DC motors generators and transformers for performing all types of experiments and studying the characteristics of the machines. Some machines are in dismantling condition to make the students aware of the parts. The lab has all types of motor starters manual and automatic. Motors can be given mechanical as well as electrical loading (Resistive, inductive and capacitive). By direct and indirect testes efficiency of different machines are calculated and results are verified by vector methods also.
This lab is under expansion and proposed machines to be installed are thyristerised AC and DC drives, VVVF control drive, traction motor drive etc.


An Electrical engineering deals with different physical parameters or variable and that’s the reason why measurement is essential in this branch.

Instrumentation comes to existence when a measurement system is provided with a controlling object.

Different types of constructions for the measuring meters are displayed to the students in this lab. This Lab also provides experimental set-ups for studying Transducers (Piezoelectric, Capacitive pick-up, RTD, Thermister, LVDT, LDR, Stain Gauge etc.), DC Potentiometer, Kelvin Double Bridge, Energy Meter, DC and AC Servomotor, Position Control System, On-Off Temperature Controller, Digital Storage Oscilloscope for performing transient response of first order and second order, Analog Computer for solving differential equations.

Errors which take place in different instruments are being corrected and demonstrated to the students by means of practical.


In this Lab the students can practice fabrication of electrical house wiring circuits, winding of motors and transformers coil in winding machine, repairing of all types of house appliances. They can also verify the fundamental laws of Electrical Engineering which they study in theory. The lab has a display of all types of Electrical Tools and accessories to make the students aware of them. Students can have practise of soldering different components on Printed Circuit Board(PCB) as well as general purpose board(Bread Board).

Students also get familiar with important electrical components like Resistance, Inductance & capacitance by different types of performance.


In this Lab we make students perform different practical of Electronics component & Circuit, Digital Electronics & Digital Instrumentation and Microprocessor & control system component.

The digital electronics is the most popular field. Now a day’s all the electronic gadgets are digital. Microprocessor is the brain of the computer. The study of microprocessor is essential for understanding the computers. The Digital & microprocessor Lab has the latest equipments on digital experiments. It also has enough number of microprocessor trainer kits.

More over the digital lab is equipped with Digital Trainer kit by which the students perform the logical and arithmetical operation like addition, subtraction multiplication & division. Logical operations like ANDing, ORing etc are performed through the same kit.


Electrical Energy is considered to superior to all other forms(Mechanical, Sound, Light & Chemical) of energy due to its cheapness, efficient transmission, easy control, greater flexibility, cleanliness. It is expected that the electricity demand will continue to go up for many more years to come even in developed countries.

Electrical energy is generated by conversion of energy available in different forms from different natural sources such as kinetic energy of blowing winds, pressure heads of water, chemical energy of fuels and nuclear energy of radioactive substances into electrical energy.

The block diagram and power line diagram of Generation and Transmission systems are explained to the students by large posters and miniature projects as well as non-working models.

For practical purpose the students are taken for visiting the different power generating plants and for transmission they are being taken to different Sub-stations all over Gujarat.


In this era of information & technology, each engineer must posses with knowledge of computer to deal with up gradation in the upcoming technology.

In this lab basic knowledge regarding computer like MS office, HTML, web development and internet surfing is provided to the students.

In higher semester subject, the students get familiar with software like AutoCAD. With the help of this software they can design different electrical machine parts along with layout of substation.

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