Tuesday , 25 February 2020


Automobile electrical system LAB

These days all automobiles are becoming electronically equipped. So students have to learn about these electronic techniques. In this automotive electronics lab we have number of equipments available such as stepper motor interface, a LVDT module, DC servo motor system, batteries, Starting system, ignition system, generator, alternators, horns, wipers, and lighting systems, etc. We have cut-sections, working models, testing equipments related to electrical systems. Students have to do a Mini project (regarding Electronics) in this lab.

Automobile engine lab

Engine is described as the heart of any automobile, the main power source. We have number of engines of different makes and models. These models also include modern attachments such as various sensors and electronic engine management systems system which helps in improving engine performance. Students here are taught about the working principles of basic engine systems, their assemblies, and servicing procedures.Our engine LAB also includes cut-section, display models, and working models of various engine components.

Automobile Pollution control and fuel/lubricants LAB

Pollution control LAB includes emission related instruments and models such EGR systems, exhaust mufflers, catalytic converters, etc. also fuels and lubricant section is merged with this LAB. Fuel and lubricants studies involve determining physical and chemical properties of fluids used in automobiles such as viscosity, density etc.

Automobile transmission LAB

Any vehicle basically consists of two important systems that is a power source –engine and a transmission system- to utilize the power of source to drive the vehicle. Our Transmission LAB includes study of types, construction and working of various sub-systems of transmission system such as Gear boxes, clutches, differentials, wheels-tires, prop shafts- drive shafts, universal joints, etc. We have cut-section and working models of almost each n every parts of transmission system. It helps students to understand and visualize the working principles of this system as it is very important for an automobile engineer to understand the flow of power through transmission. We also have the complete working assembly of the entire transmission system used in common commercial vehicles.

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