Monday , 10 December 2018

Student Forum Activities

(1) Expert Lecture on Multimedia & Animation Industry Awareness

Seminar Topic: Multimedia & Animation Industry Awareness

Faculty Coordinator: Bhumika S. Zalavadia

Date: 13/2/17

Semester: VI

Expert Name: Shobhit Badgaiyan, Pankaj Patil  

Contact No: 9016215462, 7016879018

Industry Name: Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic, Rajkot

Seminar Detail: MAAC is a very famous industry working in graphics and cinematic. Expert from this industry is going to demonstrate how computer graphics is used for making advertisements, short clips, movies etc. Expert is going to discuss various topics like landscape of the media and entertainment industry, extensive use of VFX and animation in filmmaking, manpower requirements in the industry, opportunities in market and real life examples.

(2) Tech Idea Competition

Faculty Coordinators: Bhumika S. Zalavadia, Vishal M. Kothari

Event Name: Tech Idea Competition

Event Date: 17/2/17

Semester: II, IV, VI

Event Purpose: In this competition students can select any topic related with latest technology and give presentation on that. Students may use charts, models, ppts etc. By this type of event students come to know about latest or emerging technologies all over the world. It also improves presentation and communication skills of students. It helps to build confidence in students.

(3) Industry Visit at BISAG, Gandhinagar

Date: 17/3/17   

(4) Industry Visit at MYFM, Rajkot

Date: 4/3/17

(5) Industry Visit at Balaji Wafers, Rajkot



(6) Expert Lecture on Bootstrap

Date: 3/2/17



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